Full Home Automation, Using The Existing Wires In Your Home... A smart home, at a smart price...

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Welcome to Vicon Home Automation

Imagine being able to control all the lighting in your home from the front door. Or you can open or close your garage door from your favorite easy chair. How about adjusting the thermostat from the comfort of your bed?

How many times have you left your house during the day only to return at night to a dark house? Now you can simply turn on your porch lights from your car as you pull up the driveway.

Home Control is not just affordable and easy to implement, but has now become a necessity to help reduce energy costs. From lighting and appliance control to security and heating/cooling automation.

The Best Part Of Our Service?


The Benefits Are

  Less Cost

  More Reliability

  Get control of your energy costs

  Safe & Secure

No subscription fees

  Real-time monitoring

  View & control your home remotely